Aware of the nail he pushed his hand through the gap, got a good hold of the side of the hole and pulled. And… nothing. He tried again and again but it was too solid. He moved his hands around again and after a few minutes concluded that he was in some sort of box. The air was stale but at least he was breathing.

“You are not going to win,” he said under his breath. And with that he swung his leg as hard as he could and kicked one of the walls. It shook a bit. “Yes,”. Another kick. And another. After one more kick he had finally made progress; a sliver of light seeped through the wall.


Clovis put his hands out in front of himself, at least he thought he did, and tried to feel around and find anything that seemed familiar. Nothing. Just space.

“Damn, there’s got to be something – you’re not getting rid of me this easily,” he said. At the same moment his hand swept across something sharp. “Ouch! Where the hell am I?” He moved his hands slowly, feeling the overall shape of this object. “Jeez Louise, a nail!? There’s a nail by my head?”.

He slid his head away from the nail. Slowly felt around the nail and found a gap, big enough he thought, to push his hand through.

The Beginning

The beginning of any story is difficult; we don’t know the characters and really don’t care what happens to them. We don’t know where we are or what’s going on. But we do know why we’re there – we want to be entertained.

I want a story to grab me. I want a story that’s more interesting than my life. While in search for the “perfect” story I write a lot of crap. I’m thinking maybe if I get all this “crap” outa me I might find something; not perfect perhaps but interesting.

Here’s the beginning of my experiment, my adventure. I don’t know who’s here, where we are or what’s going on yet. That I’ll discover day by day. But one thing I know, it’ll be entertaining. If not for you, at least for me.